Ambrosus Blockchain and IoT Meetup

    11.10.2018 um 19:00 – 21:00
    Digital Hub Bonn
    Rheinwerkallee 6
    53227 Bonn

    Situated at the nexus of blockchain and IoT, Ambrosus is building a decentralised platform for the future of supply chain management. With one of the most sophisticated cryptoeconomic models in the cryptocurrency space, as well as a team of over 60 highly skilled individuals, Ambrosus intends to disrupt supply chain management in order to better assure the quality of our food and medicine!

    Come join Ambrosus Business Developer Alex Zamkovoi in Bonn, to hear about the latest developments in the Ambrosus ecosystem! As the world’s highest quality blockchain and IoT platform, Ambrosus has positioned itself as the future of supply chain management and the backbone of smart cities! After a summer of expansion, and the opening of a new office in Dublin, come listen to Alex as he explains the most recent entrepreneurial opportunities that Ambrosus is working on, and descriptions of the various industries that Ambrosus has recently expanded into.

    With a significant amount of new information concerning the current developments in AMBERnomics, Alex will be answering Bonn community members questions about blockchain and IoT integration, public and private nodes, token economy, successful use cases and pilot projects released, traceability of global supply chains. Be the first to know about upcoming events, releases, and developments in the Ambrosus ecosystem!

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